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We get you (and your people).

We tailor our approach to suit your specific team's needs, crafting bespoke solutions that fit in in a variety of budgets. We can also offer courses and private sessions directly to your employees that can covered by your existing mental health benefits.

Science, not “woo-woo.”

We draw from mindfulness, positive psychology, and neuroscience – basing our offerings on heavily researched gold-standard clinical programs. And with brain sensing technology, we can provide unparalleled levels of tangibility so your team can see their mental fitness improve.

We talk to Type-A skeptics.

We speak the language of your company’s highest performers. With an accessible science-first approach we lead the industry in engagement, leaving your team excited and armed with actionable strategies to employ.

From the C-suite to olympians.

MINDSET facilitators regularly coach mental fitness to partner-level executives, world-class athletes, and leading entrepreneurs across the city, whether off-site or at our premium Yorkville-based flagship studio.

Employee Wellness

From pre-paid class credits at our brain gym to regular pop-up classes at your office, MINDSET can help facilitate all of your organization's wellness goals.

Learning & Development

From mindful sales training to emotional intelligence workshops, our L&D programming can help you level up your team in focus, resilience, presence, and empathy.

Team Building

Looking for a fresh team building activity that also promotes employee wellness? Our Yorkville-based flagship studio hosts engaging mindful team building activities, from meditation to ice baths.

Athletic Mindfulness

Gain that competitive mental edge. Cultivate more mindful athletes with our leading athletic mindfulness and mental fitness offerings.

Offsite Meetings

Our Yorkville-based flagship studio and art gallery can host engaging offsite meetings for your team, with optional guided meditation breaks and team building activities layered on.

Lunch & Learns

MINDSET facilitators can come into your office for an engaging Lunch & Learn that explains mindfulness and mental fitness in a new light, leaving your team excited to try some new techniques.

Executive Training

We're built for the C-suite. Take your company's highest performers through executive offerings including off-site retreats.

Mindful Offices

From custom meditation rooms to an in-office non-fiction library, MINDSET can help make your office more mindful and effective.

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