Invest in preventative mental health.

Strengthen the resilience & emotional intelligence of your team to reduce job stress, prevent burnout, and increase performance.

Our evidence-based “mental fitness” training focuses on building resiliency and emotional intelligence.  With interactive teachings and actionable tools that blend mindfulness, psychology, neuroscience, and mindset, we go far beyond “wellness” – we unlock your team’s natural ability to thrive in the face of adversity.


Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, we are currently only offering virtual webinars until further notice.

Help your employees navigate an uncertain time.

Even under normal circumstances, half a million Canadians are unable to work every week due to poor mental health, and nearly a third of millennial workers feel “frequently” burned out.  The new reality of a global pandemic is exasperating poor mental health outcomes – implementing preventative programs has never been more important.

We focus on teaching your team how to develop strong mental fitness through mindfulness, philosophy, and positive psychology to minimize the impact of stress, anxiety, and isolation.

Strengthening emotional intelligence & resilience to help your team thrive, no matter what.

We work with leading high-performance cultures across a variety of industries.

What sets us apart?

Bespoke & interactive.

Mental health isn't served by a one-size-fits-all solution. We tailor our training to your unique culture, delivering bespoke live virtual sessions that maximize engagement and interactivity.

We speak your language.

We know how to engage your top performers. From leadership to sales teams, we've designed our trainings to be accessible, relevant, intellectually-stimulating, and immediately actionable.

Zero “woo-woo.”

We teach meditation like nobody else. Blending secular ancient wisdom with modern science, we draw from empirically-based concepts from mindfulness, psychotherapy, neuroscience, and Stoicism.

From the creators of Canada’s #1 name in mental fitness

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