We teach the science of how to survive & thrive in a fast-paced culture.

From lunch and learns to multi-week training programs, our mindfulness & EI training is designed to engage and excite.

Bring preventative mental health to your team.  Our unique methodology pairs secular ancient wisdom with evidence-based scientific research from the fields of positive psychology, psychotherapy, and neuroscience.

Single SessionsTraining Programs

Single Sessions

Lunch & Learns

Ask us about custom keynotes tailored to your organization for conferences, off-sites, and leadership teams.

Mindfulness for Busy People

Our signature introductory seminar to understand how mindfulness strengthens resilience and mental performance.

We re-introduce mindfulness in a way tailored to appeal to your busy & stressed high-performer.  This presentation breaks down common meditation myths and brings together case studies, neuroscience, actionable workplace mindfulness strategies, and an experiential meditation demo to inspire your team to start a mental fitness routine.

45-60 minutes
Includes complimentary 14-day mindfulness email challenge for your team

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Pause to Perform

An engaging and unique introductory session full of actionable strategies to manage stress in the moment.

Whereas mindfulness is key to long-term mental health, it’s not the best tool to deal with stress and anxiety in the moment.  This presentation teaches actionable breathing techniques used by the Navy SEALs and elite athletes to calm the body’s fight-or-flight response and maintain a cool, calm composure to perform under pressure.

45-60 minutes

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Team Building Workshops

Emotional Skills Workshops

Our thought-provoking and engaging workshops develop crucial mental resources to thrive in the workplace.

We draw upon psychology, neuroscience, history, philosophy, and mindfulness to go in-depth on skills that meaningfully strengthen resilience and emotional intelligence.

  • Self-Awareness
  • Calm & Equanimity
  • Empathy & Diplomacy
  • Self-Compassion
  • Adaptability
  • Grit
  • Purpose & Happiness

120 minutes each

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Artistic Expression Workshops

In collaboration with Toronto’s leading art therapy centre, these unique and deeply hands-on workshops promote team building, self-awareness, and fresh perspectives.

Artistic expression provides a safe vehicle for your team to participate fully without compromising professional boundaries. These highly engaging sessions pair hands-on artmaking with mindfulness techniques. We tailor each session to promote relaxation & resiliency, intra-team connection and communication, and introspection to build individual self-awareness and emotional intelligence.

60-180 minutes

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Training Programs

Mental Edge  8-week program

Resilience can’t be taught in a day.

To truly realize the long-term benefits of mental fitness – strengthened resilience and cognitive performance – your team needs the weekly support and gradual integration of high-level concepts that only a multi-week program can provide.

Our 8-week Mental Edge™ program pairs our senior facilitators with small groups (up to 16 people) to explain the neuroscience of thoughts & emotions, how mindfulness meditation promotes emotional intelligence (and how to actually stick with the practice), and how to strengthen resilience with actionable daily tools and exercises.

What’s included:

  • 8 hours of in-office or virtual instruction
  • Course booklet and weekly emails
  • Supplemental online resources
  • 2-month unlimited membership to MINDSET brain gym
  • Optional: Muse® 2 brain sensing headband

Part 1: Developing Mental Resources

This course takes a deep dive on the concept of self-directed neuroplasticity, leading the group through various mindfulness techniques and psychotherapy exercises clinically-proven to strengthen the mind.  Your team will be introduced to a wide variety of concepts, including…

  • The neuroscience of thoughts and emotions
  • The body’s physical & psychological stress response
  • The science of how to strengthen psychological resources like concentration, resilience, self-compassion, creativity, and adaptability

Part 2: Building Daily Resilience

Building on the concepts introduced in the first half of the course, the program then shifts into how to integrate these learnings into daily life – featuring actionable workplace mindfulness strategies, best practices in maintaining a mindfulness practice, and a deep dive on how to embrace Stoic philosophy and acceptance strategies to increase daily resilience.

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