Wellness-oriented team building experiences to nourish, recharge, and inspire your team.

Step into our deeply relaxing and nourishing 5000 sq. ft. upscale flagship brain gym, centrally located steps from Bay & Bloor. The perfect venue for mindful team building and wellness retreat, treat your team to an urban oasis with our highly engaging & insightful Experience offerings.

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Single Sessions
1 hour, 18 capacity, delivered at our brain gym. Starting at $500.


Our signature “HIIT meditation” experience. Looking for a new wellness activity with a “wow” factor? This class is perfect those struggling with traditional mindfulness, pairing a powerful breathing meditation with an immersive sound journey. Your team will walk out feeling great – noticeably more calm, energized, and creative.

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Mindfulness meditation is made tangible. Your team will learn the basics of mindfulness meditation and how repeated practice strengthens focus and resilience to stressors & anxious thoughts. They’ll wear the Muse® brain sensing headband to tangibly see how often their mind wandered during the meditation with EEG sensors.

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An engaging hands-on artistic session that pairs mindfulness with creativity. Help foster connection within teams in a safe & playful manner, and increase self awareness to foster emotional intelligence & leadership.

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Wellness Retreats & Off-site Meetings 


Master the mind to build an unshakeable foundation of inner resilience.


Master the mind to build an unshakeable foundation of inner resilience.  Take a deep dive into how mindfulness and a stoic mindset can radically re-frame our reactions to stressors. Understand how cognitive biases wire our brains to be less resilient, and learn how to employ clinically-proven techniques to cultivate inner mental resources like grit, motivation, calm, self-compassion, and confidence. Take away actionable resiliency and breathing techniques to handle the pressures and demands of high-performance work.

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Lead with mindfulness and emotional intelligence.  Designed for leadership teams, this specialized seminar introduces mindfulness & EI concepts through the lens of authentic leadership.  Understand how embracing mindfulness can make you a more effective and transformational leader, and how to cultivate a mindful culture on your team so your direct reports can reach peak performance and resilience.

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